Boris’s local hospital is crumbling away. How can he be trusted with the NHS?

Hospital in prime minister’s constituency has moved child patients because of subsidence

Boris Johnson has been drawn into a row over the future of his local hospital, parts of which are so dangerous that patients have been moved out of wards to ensure their safety.

The prime minister has become involved in a dispute involving NHS chiefs and local MPs over whether Hillingdon hospital in his north-west London constituency should be rebuilt where it stands, when it is knocked down, or on another site.

The hospital is so decrepit it recently had to move all the child patients out of its paediatrics department because serious subsidence had left the unit unsafe to use. The Peter Pan inpatient ward, Tinkerbell outpatient ward and Wendy outpatients facility all had to leave their base in the paediatric unit, which Johnson reopened after a major refurbishment five years ago.


They were rehoused in other parts of the crumbling 62-year-old hospital “as a precautionary measure” after structural engineers warned that the units posed a risk to patients and staff. It was “an unfortunate legacy of our ageing estate”, said Sarah Tedford, the hospital’s chief executive.

Hillingdon’s infrastructure has long been recognised within the NHS as a problem and the trust has developed plans for it to be replaced.

One senior NHS figure described the state of its buildings as “appalling – the worst of any hospital in London”. Its problems are so serious that the Treasury recently gave it a £16.5m emergency loan to carry out repairs to pipes and its incinerator and heating system and to buynew equipment. But the cost of fixing its backlog of maintenance issues, some of which are classed as critical, is £210m – the second largest among the NHS in England’s 240 trusts.

Homelessness in World’s 5th richest country!!

Generation Homeless Report published by Shelter, today.

A child becomes homeless every 8 minutes in the UK.

By Christmas, 135000 children will have nowhere they can call home.

5,683 families placed in emergency B&B accommodation by local councils.

Another 4,470 families in England found emergency accommodation with no council help.

That’s more than 10,000 families with nowhere to live.

In the 5th richest country in the world. How can that be?

Put an end to it now. Vote Labour on 12th December.

Poverty in UK

Child poverty in World’s 5th largest Economy? That’s Obscene!

Did you see Dispatches last night?It reported that one in three children in our country are living in poverty. How can this happen in the fifth richest country in the world?

A mother-of-two who had fled abuse said she was starving herself so that her children could eat.

Another mother was relying on foodbanks while paying off the debt for her child’s funeral.

“We try not to eat a lot in one day” said Cameron, a child relying on foodbanks.

This is disgusting, shameful – and avoidable. In just nine days time we can begin to right this wrong.

Vote Labour on 12th December.