The right to food is recognised in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  It is enshrined in the 1966 International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

Callous Tories  are breaking human rights laws by leaving kids to go hungry.

Theresa May’s uncaring Government is breaching its duty  to the poorest people in the country.

Savage Welfare cuts are to blame for tens of thousands of poverty-hit families flocking to foodbanks.

Theresa May’s inept government has failed to tackle the draconian welfare policy that leaves families unable to put food on the table.School officials report that  children are arriving at school hungry.

Reductions in welfare spending have left parents unable to feed their children in the fifth-largest economy in the world.

More and more people  are struggling to make ends meet. They are unable to afford food and face hunger as a result.

This can’t be right.

 Join us now and fight this cruel injustice

The following letter was NOT received from  Failing Grayling

Dear Stuart,
Today, April Fool’s Day, is my birthday and for my birthday I really need your help!
No matter what I do, no matter what I bungle and no matter how much money I cost the taxpayer I just can’t get fired. Theresa won’t sack me!
But if Labour wins the next General Election I will be out of a job. If you donate to the Labour Party you could help make that happen.

Sack Chris Grayling

Please please please donate. For my sake, for the sake of the British taxpayer and for anyone who uses public transport donate. I have tried everything I can think of:
• £38m was the cost to the economy in the north due to the rail chaos in July 2018
• £2bn cost to taxpayers on the collapse of Virgin Trains East Coast franchise
• £33m to Eurotunnel to settle a lawsuit over extra ferry services in the event of no-deal Brexit
• £800k on consultants’ fees assessing the bid of a company with no ships that was temporarily awarded a Brexit-related ferry contract
• £50m-£70m due to drone scare at Gatwick airport following delays to bringing forward legislation
• £72k was blown on defending book ban for prisoners
• £15 million a year in additional costs to the Carillion contract to run facilities management in prisons
• £467m in additional projected payments to CRCs
• £32m of charges that were unlawfully collected which the government were ordered to pay back
• £23m contract to develop a new generation of GPS tracking tags for dangerous offenders was written off because the project has proved “too challenging”
• £60m over the £130m original budget relating to the wider electronic tagging programme has been described by the PAC as “fundamentally flawed” and “a catastrophic waste of public money”.
• £1.9m paid back to benefit claimants
I have cost taxpayers and the econony £2.7billion and yet I’m still in this job. You are my only hope. Please donate to Labour so they can get rid of this disastrous Government and I can be free of this shambles.
Yours in desperation,
Failing Grayling
Not the Secretary of State for Transport

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Please note:
This email has not been sent by Chris Grayling, nor is it endorsed by him. It has been sent to Labour party members by Yorkshire and the Humber Labour Party.

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Sent by email from the Labour Party, promoted by Paul Nicholson on behalf of Yorkshire and the Humber Labour Party, both at 20-22 Cheapside, Wakefield, WF1 2TF Website: http://www.labour.org.uk to join or renew call 0345 092 2299.

The Tories are in chaos and our country is in crisis.

It’s time for real change now.

As predicted, the Prime Minister has failed to get her shambolic Brexit deal through Parliament and now she can’t even organise a vote on it!
We are now in uncharted territory and we must be ready for a snap general election as her failing negotiations and divided government continue to cause untold damage to our country.
Anything you can donate will help, whether it’s a one off contribution or a regular donation.


Every penny will help Labour campaign to get rid of this disastrous Prime Minister and her broken government.
It’s time for real change now, Dan. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.
Best wishes,
Regional team
Yorkshire and the Humber Labour Party


Defeated – twice. Theresa May’s awful Brexit deal has just been defeated yet again.

A snap General Election has never been more likely. We must be ready.

The Prime Minister is driving Britain closer and closer to the cliff edge on March 29. Her failed negotiations have given us a deal that threatens jobs, workers rights and our economy. Theresa May wants people to believe the choice is her deal or no deal.

Neither are acceptable.

A General Election is a step closer tonight. You and I know we can’t rely on a handful of donors like the Tories. We have to work together.

Only Labour has the vision, the values and the policy to make a positive difference to people’s lives. Together we’re going to rebuild Britain for the many, not the few.

Thank you.

Jeremy Corbyn
Leader of the Labour Party

P.S. In 6 weeks’ time 29 million people across Britain will vote in local council elections. General Election or not, our path to Downing Street will need to be fought in elections like these. Help build our path to victory.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the amazing show of solidarity, and are delighted to announce we have exceeded our target and raised an amazing £21,360!


You did it – thank you!

Not only does this cover the cost of the fine, it also goes some of the way to making up for the staff time lost by the investigation. The sheer number who donated – almost 1,900 of you – illustrates again how the success of our movement is down all of us who want to see Labour in government working together, contributing what we can – and having an absolutely massive impact. Thank you! 

Wow! In just 2 days, an incredible 1,103 people have contributed £11,730 towards covering the fine imposed by the Electoral Commission this week.
That means we’re already 70.2% of the way towards our goal!
Help us reach the target!

Thank you so much to everyone who has chipped in so far, allowing us to use our resources to focus on fighting the Tories and campaigning for a socialist Labour Party – what we were set up to help you do.
We have another £5,970 to raise, however. If you can afford to, would you be able to chip in to help us hit the target? Just a few pounds would make a huge difference.

I’ll chip in £3
I’ll chip in £15
I’ll chip in £25

The Tories have their billionaire and millionaire donors, and armies of lawyers to deal with regulations. We don’t. But together our people-powered movement has achieved absolutely incredible things, including turning round the 2017 election to almost put Jeremy Corbyn into No. 10.
There will be a lot more challenges and opportunities to come. And whether you can afford to chip in today or not, we’re hoping we can count on you to help lead Jeremy Corbyn – and every single one of us – into power, transforming Britain for the many, not the few. ✊

In Solidarity,

Team Momentum

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The Electoral Commission have ruled that Momentum didn’t overspend during the 2017 election, despite the regulated spend being just £37k.
This is because working together, we did a lot with very little. Tens of thousands of Momentum members helped out in the office, ran phone banks and knocked on doors in swing constituencies for Labour. Volunteers rather than big money meant we could knock on 1.2 million doors on election day, reach one in three UK Facebook users with viral videos and swing a series of key marginal constituencies for Labour.

Help cover the costs

But we’ve still been fined £16,700 for reporting and filing errors. This isn’t surprising for a new organisation which was less than two years old and with 25,000 members and 150 local groups. The Conservatives likely employ more lawyers than Momentum have staff, and even getting close to fulfilling these regulations is a herculean task.
This was especially the case when they asked for an absurd amount of detail, including asking local groups for receipts from a year before election day and, in one case, what percentage of a pizza bought by Momentum was eaten by staff, and what percentage was eaten by volunteers 🍕
The whole process has cost our movement tens of thousands of pounds – and we need that money to fight the Tories.

Give a slice – £3
Give a pizza – £15
Give a stuffed crust – £25

Step up, chip in and help make our next election campaign even better.

Thank you for your support.



thanks for support

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Following the departure of seven MPs from the Labour Party this morning, we’re calling for everyone to work together and focus our attention on getting the Tories out of parliament.

They may say they want to ‘change politics’, but the new ‘Independent Group’ cannot take on the Tories – they’ll only prop up the ongoing chaos of Tory Britain.

Only a Labour government can bring about the change this country needs. If you want to see the Labour Party in government, and an end to Tory rule, please sign our petition now.

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Thank you for  your support.

In Solidarity,

Team Momentum


Momentum is funded entirely by
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Well, they’ve finally done it. After years of briefings and threats, a handful of
Labour MPs, led by Chris Leslie and Chuka Umunna, have announced they’re resigning the whip and forming a new “independent grouping”.
Leslie and Umunna know that a new party can’t win an election. Just when Labour has the flailing Tories on the ropes, they have decided to leave the fight. Whatever they say, their real goal is simply to stop Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party coming to power and prevent a transformation of this country for the many, not the few.

They are even reportedly planning to deliberately stand in marginal seats where splitting part of the Labour vote would have the most effect – that effect being that
the Tory wins. In short, they are trying to create a Blairite spoiler party.


Don’t let Leslie spoil Labour
– chip in now


 Antisemitism is a serious issue. We are committed to rooting it out of the  party and hope all Jewish members will stay to help us do this. 

But Leslie and Chuka have been undermining the leadership from the very moment Jeremy was elected. They are attacking Labour for “weaken[ing] our
national security”, supporting “states hostile to our country” and being “hostile to businesses large and small”. In short, their agenda is for war and big business.

Their politics of the past cannot solve the challenges of today – and we need to do
everything we can to fight it. 

But they will do everything they can to sabotage Labour now, and we know they’ll have major donors and corporate backing already lined up. So we need to fight  back. We’re bringing in more video experts to help us combat them on social media, and hiring more organisers to prepare for possible by-elections. If you can chip in a few pounds now to help us, please do.


Chip in £5 Chip in £15 Chip in £25


 Labour has the answers for the problems Britain faces. If you’re with us, please chip in if you can, and share our posts on social media. 

 Thank you.

In Solidarity,
Laura Parker
Momentum National Coordinator


Momentum is funded entirely by membership fees and donations from thousands of supporters across the UK.

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Letter from Jeremy Corbyn

I have written to the Prime Minister laying out Labour’s alternative plan so we can move beyond the mess the Tories have made of Brexit.

The Tory failure has left the country deeply divided and facing the threat of a disastrous No Deal outcome. Labour can and must take a lead in bringing our country together.

We are convinced that our sensible alternative, set out in the five demands in my letter, could both win the support of parliament and bring together those who voted Leave and Remain.

More than any other party, Labour represents the hopes and ambitions of millions of people across all parts of our country.

Whether people live in Tottenham or Mansfield, they face the same problems of austerity, the injustice of Universal Credit and insecure work. The real divide in our country is not between Leave and Remain, but between the many and the few.

I believe our alternative plan – which includes a permanent customs union, staying close to the single market, and full guarantees on workers’ rights, consumer standards and environmental protections – can help move us beyond divisions over Brexit and lay the ground for the transformation of our country that only a Labour government can deliver.

Theresa May is unable to reach a sensible deal because it would split the Tories – and we will never vote for a bad Tory deal.

If Parliament is deadlocked, then the best outcome would be a general election. Without it, we will keep all options on the table, as agreed in our party conference motion, including the option of a public vote.

Thank you,

Jeremy Corbyn
Leader of the Labour Party